Our Team

Case Managers / Nurses

Case managers are registered nurses who coordinate patients’ care, and attend to nursing needs. The nurse’s primary role is to help prevent and relieve pain and other symptoms, and to educate caregivers on how to provide the best possible patient care.

The nurse makes sure that necessary medical supplies and equipment are on hand, and assists in monitoring medications.

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The number of adults in the United States who meditate on a regular basis has doubled in the past ten years, and is estimated to total 10 million.

Thousands of studies have been published that look at meditation.  Of these, about 500 have been clinical trials testing meditation for various ailments, but only about 40 trials have been long-term studies. Based on these studies, there is growing evidence that meditation, used as a mind-body medicine, is effective alone and as a complement to allopathic medicine in relieving stress, pain, and other physical and mental conditions.

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Advance Directives

Pacific Hospice believes that everyone has the right to determine what kind of care he or she will receive at the end of life.

We are dedicated to expanding the choices available to people with life-limiting illnesses, and to providing specialized expert care that focuses on enhancing comfort and overall quality of life, despite advancing illness. Personal choice is important when seeking information.

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